Impact of Advanced Technology on A Teenager’s Health


  • Aziz Bakht BMC Hospital, Quetta-Pakistan.
  • Sangina Nasir BMC Hospital, Quetta-Pakistan.
  • Adeed Nasir BMC Hospital, Quetta-Pakistan.
  • Jamila Abdul Rahim BMC Hospital, Quetta-Pakistan.



Technology Use, Adolescent Health, Screen Time, Mental Health, Physical Health


This study investigates the influence of technology use on teenage health. A varied sample of teens took part, and their screen time, age, gender, race, and socioeconomic level (SES) were linked to overall health ratings. The results show a negative relationship between screen time and health, with each unit increase in daily technology usage resulting in a 0.50 point fall in health score. Age and health were shown to have positive connections, implying that with maturity comes improvement. Women scored lower on the health scale than men. Positive associations between race and socioeconomic status need more examination, which may hint to health disparities.