The Diabetic Patients and Their Physiological Complications at Bolan Medical Complex Hospital Quetta, Balochistan


  • Abdul Ghaffar Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan Medical Complex Hospital Quetta-Balochistan.
  • Attaullah District Head Quarter Hospital, District Killa Saifullah, Health Department Quetta-Balochistan.
  • Muhammad Zaman Home Department Quetta-Balochistan.
  • Dr. Rab Nawaz Soomro Department of Nursing & Allied Medical Sciences Alhamd Islamic University-Quetta Balochistan.



Prevalence, Diabetes types, Physciological factors, Complications, BMC


Diabetes is expanding all around the world and antagonistically influencing the personal satisfaction. Constant hyperglycemia prompts confusions like neuropathy, nephropathy and retinopathy and cardiovascular illnesses. The current review was worried about on a mission to screen the concern of confusions connected with diabetes in Bolan Clinical Complex (BMC) Medical clinic Quetta, Balochistan. Socio-segment and body mass index (BMI) gathered arbitrarily from 200 patients at BMC Medical clinic Quetta. Blood profile tests collected and examined cholesterol and glucose levelsin patients. Among these diabetic patients, 53 % were viewed as ongoing of activity while 47 % had an inactive way of life. 72 % observed in higher blood pressure where as 28 % had ordinary pulse. The patient’s predominance of various confusions connected with diabetes and illnesses. The pervasiveness pace of difficulties was tracked down more noteworthy in type 2 diabetes when contrasted with type 1 diabetes. Primary justification behind distinction observes more significant cholesterol and glucose levels in patients. Measurable investigation observed in connection persistent cholesterol and glucose. More elevated cholesterol and glucose levels less actual work are answerable for predominance of confusions connected with patients. Mindfulness the administration on clinical boundaries active work is essential for patients.